Hello there and welcome to my homepage JejjE’s network, my name is Jimmy Nelsing but you can call me JejjE – my friends do. I’m an computer enthusiast and always have been and some of my interests are web development, coding and learning new stuff related to computers. Since the first time I sat down in front of a computer, I was in love – it was amazing, at first I didn’t have access to Internet but i played around with every program I could find on the computers I had at my disposal.

Web development bug bit me early

When I was about eight years old a friend of my introduced me to HTML, and man I was so amazed – I could actually learn how to make my own websites. I was lucky enough that my mother was in a web developing class and had a big book which taught me HTML and basic CSS, I begun making my very first website with black (#ffffff) background and the text were lime green (#00ff00) with a huge header within the old marquee tag, it had one subpage – I got my hand on a ton of The Simpsons images and begun making the subpage with audio of Homer Simpson singing, background image with Simpsons theme and short info about many of the characters on the famous TV show that is as old as I am.

This awful homepage never left the comfort of my computer, since I didn’t have access to a web host, and I didn’t have any money to get one either – I knew how to upload the stuff with FTP but I had no idea where to put them. And as I grew older, so did HTML and I followed along with the progress and got a bit tired of my static content, at this point I clicked my way trough the Internet and found by the age of eleven my first programming language, I actually found two – ASP and PHP. Since I was on a Windows computer I had access to PWS (Personal Web Server) on my Windows CD, and there was not a lot of Swedish resources on PHP but there was a great community in Swedish for ASP developers.

I used the schools printers to print out everything I could get my hands on, since this was during the 56k era this was the way I had to do it. I also went to the library to find anything web related and read about it, I was never much of reading regular books – technical books was my drug.

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