Make Money Online by Freelance Writing

Make Money Online by Freelance Writing

One thing for a fact, which is unfortunately unbeknownst to many, is that the World Wide Web is a place for many business and money making opportunities, even if you don’t necessarily have a website or existing online business. If you are looking for a way to earn some extra income online, its time you know that you can actually Make Money Online by Freelance Writing, and actually make a good amount of it – enough to cater for some of your major bills.

Platforms to sell your freelance writing

However, there are some things you need to come to terms with, if you are to actually become good and learn to perfect the art, before you start making a big figure out of online writing. First things first nevertheless, there are some good sites like iWriter, and Fiverr, which are free online platforms for web article content writers and content requester. There are many more out there but I’m going to choose from two that I’ve personally have experience with.

Make money via iWriter

This platform is amazing for both content writers and buyers. iWriter have a high demand for quality articles and gives you the opportunity to to sell a lot of articles. Comparing iWriter to Fiverr there are a lot of diffrences. To begin with – Fiverr takes an average of five days before your deadline, while iWriter’s deadline is usually withing a few hours. Which can easily convert into top payments if you are a great writer.

Pass iWriters grammar test and earn money

You open an account for free and start earning as soon as your set up an account. Pass their grammar assessment test, and you can start writing. One of the things is that basically, you have to write good content that will interest and give value to the target audience and follow the instructions of the buyer.

Earn more money per article

To start earning as much as the image, where you would earn $48.60, you will need to prove yourself and get a average of 4.0 in rating. Hard work comes into this, but if you like to make money online this is a great way to start. Freelance writing does not require anything more than your ability to research and write coherent content that appeals the readers.



Make Money via Fiverr

If you know more than just content writing this is the platform for you. Fiverr is a great source for buying and selling services such as article writing, WordPress development and Logo design.

If we’re looking to earn money by writing on Fiverr the client must choose you to write. While on iWriter you are the one picking the projects. But then again Fiverr also pays more per average of 500 words.

Create your awesome gig

To get started all you need is to register on Fiverr and create a gig. But do some research on your competitors, what do they offer and for what price, can you match it? If you belive you can, write a descriptive and selling title and set your prices. Tell everyone you know and post a link to your Fiverr gig on social media.

Write quality content

If you’re really dedicated to the cause you can even write for both of the platforms, but make sure you produce quality content and not a  quantity. Getting fewer clients but getting a higher rating will get your more happy customers who are willing to pay more.


Make Money Online by Freelance Writing: 6 tips to write great content for the web

But what do you need to be a great writer and make money on freelance writing sites? Well, here are a few tips to write great content for the web that will help you earn good good amount of money from just freelance writing.

1. Do Proper Research before Writing

In every text content that you work on, good research is key to coming up with a good write-up. Even if it means creating a fictional story from your bare mind, take time to think about the intended audience and give it more thought before you would make money online by Freelance Writing If you have a pen and paper where you can do some sketchy structure and the main points, this would help entirely.

2. The Title Is Your Bargaining Chip, Optimize It!

One of the most important parts of web content is or even any other textual content is the title. The title is the most effective determinant of whether a website or blog visitor is going to get interested and influenced into clicking on the link to read your article or web content.

Don’t waste the readers time

Most online readers want content that is worth consuming their time on, and one of the first things they look at or get exposed to is the article title. A writer can invest his precious time in research and writing some great piece of work, only for it to be overlooked by most lookers of information online, just because content the title is not creatively formed to be eye catching.

Titles need to be interesting and on point

This being the case, take time to creatively come up with a naturally attractive title, which should better have some keywords in it to attract traffic as well. Ell done title should be a collective summary of the main idea behind the entire content if possible. A title such as Checklist: 15 Things You MUST DO Before Changing WordPress Themes can create quite some interest from targeted audience. And it still is on point and something that has value to the reader.

3. Break the Content into Easily Readable Pieces

The opening paragraph should also be formulated to grab the reader’s attention into wanting to get to the main points. It should perhaps introduce the main purpose or them of your web article, while maintaining influence.

Readers scan the headlines

If you can split the body into easily readable pieces such as with several sub topics and sub headlines, along with some numbering and bullets where necessary, it is known to be more reader friendly than content without a particular structure.

Also, remember that most readers prefer information they can easily digest, and as such, try as much as possible to make your sentences short, clear and concise. You have to be straight to the point with the flow of the body without being too wordy. It might bore your readers. This way, they can get the idea you are passing faster and more easily.

4. Avoid Too Much Jargon And Be Interesting

It is a busy society out there, of which your target readers are part of. To make your content effective enough to earn you better consider avoiding too much jargon in your work. Your article should always be able to add value to the reader, especially by making it quite informative and of high quality.

This makes it easier for them to read it faster and more convenient. If you use Jargon, make sure to explain or guide the reader into the right direction. Also, avoid other practices such as over-stuffing of keyword in your article. Google and your readers won’t like it, and it makes the content lose value.

5. Include Personalized Stories If You Can

Most people tend to love stories, and such, trying to incorporate a story in your content can be great idea. They come out as lively and help the reader to relate to their real situation of the matter. If you write on sites like Fiverr and iWriter there are some good requester of content, who’ll even give you a tip for great content submissions.

6. Be More Informative Rather Than Promote Too Much

The other thing you should consider avoiding when trying to make money online by freelance writing is to maintain a consistent way of doing the task. Your content should always be engaging enough and should focus on the information part of it more that the promotional side of the write up. This means giving your reader good material information they will get solutions from, like and enjoy.

Sharing is caring

They are much more likely to share your content and also return for more, a great example for me is HongKiat a great weblog for designers and tech, they regularly post great content and they make use of these tips. Which makes me want to return, share and love their site.

Wrap up

With the above pointers in mind, there is no reason whatsoever, why not to earn well from freelance web content writing. Other factors may include following instructions from online service you are writing an article for if any, interacting with fellow freelancers, and such.

Always try to improve your writing and your areas of expertise and you’ll be able to pay some bills, or use the money to further your own freelancer business.

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