Play Android Games on your computer

Play Android Games on your computer

Have you found a great Android game that you really enjoy playing, are you finding the game to be hard to play on your phone and you might not have access to an Android Tablet? Then you might would like to try out BlueStacks for Windows and Mac, I use it to p lay a few games on my PC.

Play Android on Windows and Mac

It’s easy to get started and first you’ll need to visit BlueStacks webpage and dowload the installer (~251mb), downloading this will allow you to play Android Games on your computer and even try out other apps from the Play Store. You need to have an Google Account and you’ll also need to register for a BlueStack account. This program is free but will make you download apps or pay for a license, and you don’t have to bother about the apps.

Fallout Shelter

My growing Vault in Fallout ShelterMy reason to find and use a software such as BlueStacks, is Fallout Shelter, which is an amazing game where you manage your own post apocalyptic Fallout Vault.I’ve played it a lot everyday since I found it, both on my Android phone and another vault on my PC.

And with the new Fallout Shelter Halloween update a lot of nice new features and assets come out, and I really suggest you try it out! With the update the possibility to add your save to the cloud and you can play on multiple devices like your phone, tablet and BlueStacks at the same time.

Android games on your computer

Check out my YouTube video when I play Fallout Shelter on Windows, with the ability to use a mouse instead of the tip of your finger. And when I’m finished I can download the new cloud save to my Android phone!

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