Sneak peak into Windows 10

Sneak peak into Windows 10

It was not too long ago Windows XP was buried, it was not too long ago that Windows 8 was released and the metro made everyone feel like they had no idea what they were doing in front of their PC’s – and we’re already on our way to Windows 10 (yes, they skipped 9).

Windows 10 home won’t allow you to disable updates

If you’re going to be one of many other users who are going to choose the Windows 10 Home version, and this edition of Windows is not going to allow you to disable or decide when your Windows updates – you will need the Pro or the Enterprise version. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well that depends… If you’re kind of tech savvy you will feel robbed of the decision but if you’re an every day user it can actually save your day by keeping your Windows up to date all the time and get those security updates. Well I know which version I’m getting when it’s time to switch.

Sneak peak into Windows 10

I was curios about the new operation system so I downloaded the free preview ISO of Windows 10 from Microsoft and installed it on a Virtual Machine in Virtualbox, it is not yet recommended to replace it so I found this to be a great option. I took a look around to see some of the differences and the feel of it, and at first I  even had big troubles finding the Updates part in the Control Panel until I later found out a separate settings panel, check out my Youtube video below to get a sneak peak.

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